SilverCloud is an online platform that offers you secure access to mental health support.  SilverCloud’s flexible programmes are designed to give you tools and teach you techniques to help overcome low mood, anxiety and stress.

It uses the same techniques as face-to-face CBT, but these are communicated to you through text, graphics, videos and interactive tools in an online programme. Research shows that supported online CBT is comparable to face-to-face CBT, in terms of its effectiveness.

You can choose when you use SilverCloud. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet or phone. There is no need to attend appointments which can be difficult to find time for.

How does it work?

SilverCloud is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is an effective way of learning about thoughts, feelings and behaviours – and how they impact on your wellbeing.

Each programme on SilverCloud consists of eight modules of ‘guided self-help’. You can complete these modules in your own time at your own pace.

We suggest you complete one module a week. Each module takes around 20- 40 minutes to complete. You do not need to complete it all in one go. Silvercloud works best when we can make it part of our daily routine.

You will have a supporter who is a therapist within the Bradford Talking Therapies team who will review your progress and offer you guidance. They will complete up to six online reviews which will be scheduled every fortnight. You will be able to securely message your support who will read your messages at your review.

After you have completed the six week supported programme you can continue using SilverCloud for free for up to a year.

The benefit of SilverCloud is that you are in total control to use the content of the programme in the way you feel is best. In our experience the more you put into SilverCloud the more you get out of it.

Is it right for me?

We think that SilverCloud could be right for you if:

  • You have access to the internet.
  • You are currently experiencing low mood or anxiety.
  • You would like to make changes to improve your wellbeing.
  • You can commit one to two hours a week to complete modules.
  • You can commit to practice the techniques you learn regularly.


  • Immediate access.
  • Flexible, available 24/7 from your home computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Easy to use.
  • Working at your own pace.
  • Empowering.
  • 12-month access of programme, providing continued use following end of support.
  • Outcomes are comparable to face to face therapy.

How do I access SilverCloud?

There are three ways that you can refer to Bradford District Talking Therapies

  1. Fill in our simple and secure online self referral form;
  2. Or, prefer to call us? Please call 01274 221234 (Monday – Friday – 09:00AM – 05:00PM) to speak to Bradford District Talking Therapies Administration team.
  3. Alternatively, speak to your GP or healthcare professional. You can ask them to make a referral for you.

We know that attending groups or one-to-one therapy isn’t for everyone. That’s why we’ve made sure that there’s lots of support available to you online, so you can access it at a time that works for you.

Yes, we would aim for the same clinician to support you all the way through but on rare occasions when staffing changes we may need to allocate another clinician to avoid any gaps in treatment.

No. The contact will be given in the SilverCloud platform on the agreed date and you can read the review form your supporting clinician and use this at a time that is most convenient to you.

Yes, once your account has been set up you can also use the app which is available on all major app stores. The free app can support you in accessing online SilverCloud.

You can discuss this with your clinician, and they can discuss other options with you and if needed they can help you access other options within the service.

Yes, for the problems that we use SilverCloud for, it is as effective as others types of therapy but if for some reason you don’t find it helpful, you can access other types of therapy that might suit you better.

We suggest completing one module each week but it is flexible and up to you. We provide up to 6-8 online reviews. You can also access all the programmes for up to one year.

Reviews with your SilverCloud supporter will be scheduled approximately once a fortnight using the SilverCloud platform. They will be in a written format with the purpose of offering feedback and guidance on the modules you have engaged with.

You can speak with your SilverCloud supporter through SilverCloud by replying to reviews or sharing the work you are doing. If you need to speak to us directly before your review, please call 01274 221234 (Monday – Friday – 09:00AM – 05:00PM) to speak to Bradford District Talking Therapies Administration team.