Older adults

Depression affects around 22% of men and 28% of women aged 65 years and over, yet it is estimated that 85% of older people with depression struggle to access support from services. Here at Bradford District Talking therapies, we want to change that.

Feeling low and feeling worried are not natural parts of aging. Research suggests Talking Therapy can be just as affective for older adults as it is for working age adults.

We know that certain aspects of aging can be daunting and can include unexpected and different issues which may have not previously impacted our mental wellbeing or physical health; for example:

  • Retirement
  • Long term health condition or disability
  • Social Isolation
  • Bereavement
  • Loss of independence or confidence
  • Needing support with activities of daily living
  • Providing care to loved ones

Bradford District and Craven Talking Therapies continue to work hard to encourage older dults to refer for Talking Therapy.   We offer a range of talking therapy interventions which can be adapted to your needs to ensure the therapy we deliver is the ‘best fit’ for you.

Admiral Nursing service

Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses who give expert practical, clinical and emotional support to families living with dementia to help them cope. Admiral Nurses form part of our Proactive Care Team.

Continence service

Continence services offer a specialist nursing assessment and reassessment service to help and support your bladder and bowel problems. Symptoms can be improved, sometimes cured, or made easier to live with.

Falls Prevention team

Falls Prevention team works to reduce the number and severity of future falls amongst the ‘high risk’ population of older adults.

Memory Assessment and Treatment services

The service offers assessment of your memory, guidance and advice on managing memory problems, the likely cause of your memory problem (e.g., anxiety, depression, or conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease) and treatments that might help to limit or control your memory problem.

Podiatry – foot health

Podiatrists are foot health experts. We can help you relieve pain, maintain mobility, improve mobility and help you to look after yourself.

Well Together service

Well Together provides a range of interesting, sociable, health-led activities delivered by dedicated activity volunteers. Our activities are free and cover the whole of the Bradford District in wheelchair-accessible venues.

Age UK

Age UK provides information on income and benefits for older people. You can find your local Age UK branch in the telephone directory.


A free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The specially trained helpline team can offer: information, friendship and advice, link callers to local groups and services, regular friendship calls & protection and support older people who are suffering abuse and neglect.