In the UK, research shows that LGBTQ+ people are more likely to experience mental health difficulties and unfortunately don’t always have a good experience of health services.

At Bradford District and Craven Talking Therapies, we are working hard to improve this within our service. We have a dedicated LGBTQ+ Special Interest Group who meet up regularly so that we can get better at supporting the people we work with.

If you need support with symptoms of depression or anxiety, then we are here to help. We offer evidence based talking therapies which can make a real difference to your life. We want people from the LGBTQ+ community to thrive as much as everybody else we work with.

As an NHS Service, you can expect to be treated fairly, professionally and without discrimination. We will complete an initial assessment and we won’t assume that your gender or sexuality is the main reason for your symptoms.

If you access therapy with us, you can expect to work with a practitioner that takes into account the interplay between your gender/sexuality and your symptoms of depression/anxiety.

We were pleased to be able to recently invest in service-wide training from Equity Partnership. Additionally, your practitioner can speak with a member of staff who has an interest and increased awareness of LGBTQ+ issues if they need extra guidance. You can expect to be given the opportunity to raise concerns and for these to be taken seriously and handled sensitively.

LGBT Switchboard

Founded on March 4th 1974, Switchboard’s information and support helpline operated for five hours every evening in a small room above a bookshop near Kings Cross Station.


Stonewall stand for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace (LGBTQ+) people everywhere.

Equity partnership

Equity Partnership is a charity set up and delivered by LGBTQ+ people in Bradford and the surrounding areas. They support LGBTQ+ groups and individuals to have a say in the decisions taken by agencies.

Yorkshire Mesmac

Yorkshire MESMAC is one of the oldest and largest sexual health organisations in the country. We offer services to various communities across Yorkshire, including men who have sex with men, people of colour and other marginalised races, people misusing drugs, sex workers and LGBT+ young people and adults.


Galop support LGBT+ people who have experienced abuse and violence

Terrence Higgins trust

UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity. THT support people living with HIV and amplify their voices, and help the people using our services to achieve good sexual health.


Mermaids provide a range of helpline services supporting transgender youth, up to and including the age of 20. We also support families and professionals.


Hidayah’s vision is to ensure voices are heard and understood. Their mission is to provide support and welfare for LGBTQI+ Muslims and promote social justice and education about our community to counter discrimination, prejudice and injustice. The team are a mix of practising and non-practising Muslims. As an inclusive organisation, they do not exclude anyone, and warmly welcome friends, families, and allies to all of their events.