Courses and workshops

We offer a range of course and workshops that can help you learn tools and techniques to take control of your symptoms and manage your wellbeing. Attending our online courses is very easy to do so – full details on how to access the sessions from your computer, tablet or phone will be provided.

Group learning

Stress and Wellbeing Management Course

The Stress and Wellbeing Management course is a six-part course to help you manage stress, overcome low mood and manage anxiety.

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Perinatal Workshops

Bradford District and Craven Talking Therapies and Little Minds Matter (a local support service for parents) are offering two online workshops to support new and expectant parents. The two workshops include a mix of information and skills-based content designed to promote the wellbeing of both parent and baby, and to support the parent-infant relationship.

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Online courses

Our online, in partnership with Silvercloud, offer you the option to get started straight away from the comfort of your own home. SilverCloud is an online platform that uses the same techniques as face-to-face CBT, but these via written text, graphics, videos and interactive tools in an online programme. You can choose when you to use SilverCloud; it can be accessed anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet or phone. There is no need to attend appointments which can be difficult to find time for.

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