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“I joined the service as a Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner in October 2022, attending university training once a week and practicing within the service, carrying out assessments and treatment sessions, for the remainder of the time.  I could not have asked for a warmer welcome into the service and have felt supported by my colleagues every step of the way. The service not only focuses on the wellbeing of its’ patients, but also provides continuous support for staff wellbeing. The service is full of wonderful staff who are continuously seeking ways to further develop what support is offered and improve accessibility to our service.”

“I qualified as a PWP in 2020, following completion of the 12-month training course.  The training was challenging, but so rewarding.  I really enjoyed the mix of academic and clinical work.  I loved delivering Guided Self-Help as it is fast faced and effective, with varied interventions.  The support I received from my manager and supervisor was invaluable and the CPD training that the service provided helped me to consolidate my learning and build my confidence as a practitioner.”

“I first joined the Trust in 2016 as a Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner. This was a role I really enjoyed.  My colleagues were amazing, and it was a nice supportive place to work.  I felt part of a team and loved working with clients.”

“I am currently working as a trainee Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with the MyWellbeing IAPT Service. I started working with the service as a Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner in April 2022 and then started working as a trainee Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in October 2022.  My current role involves attending University two days a week and working in the service three days a week. I really enjoy working in the service and have a lot of support available. I have weekly supervision with a qualified CBT therapist and a monthly 1:1 with my manager. I also had a mentor for the first 6 months of the new role and it was really helpful to have someone to speak to more informally to help the transition to a new role. I found that with all the support I had, the transition felt really manageable! We have monthly team meetings, regular training days and staff well-being days which are a lovely way to keep in touch with the team and there’s always the opportunity to share ideas and feedback.”

“I joined the service in October 2021 as a qualified counsellor and registered member of the BACP. I had completed my Counselling for Depression training and I had submitted one recording which I had enjoyed but found it challenging. The support I have received from my line manager and clinical supervisor to complete my counselling for depression qualification and applying for my BACP accreditation has been outstanding. The continuing professional development has been fantastic especially the counselling specific training. My work colleagues made the transition into the service so easy, and they continue to offer their care and warmth I can’t thank them enough.”

“My journey into management started in 2018. I have been a manager for the past 5 years and I have been supported, listened to, and valued throughout this journey. I love my role; no day is ever the same and we have a very supportive senior leadership team and great therapists working in this service”

“I have worked for the service now for nearly 10 years and within that time, they have supported my development and enabled me to expand on my skills and knowledge. I love working here and I am part of a great team who share the same values as I do.  The service offers opportunities to do additional training which is brilliant and I am also part of one of the special interest groups which I love! I have grown so much since joining the service and I am proud to feel that my voice is heard when making service improvements for the future.”

“I really enjoy working for Bradford District and Craven Talking Therapies Administration team.  Even though we are not therapists, we have a part to play in helping the client. By booking assessments and appointments, giving out information required, showing empathy for the client, when needed, and assisting wherever we can.  This role can be very rewarding, knowing you have helped in a way especially if the client expresses their gratitude towards you or the service. Mental health is something very close to my heart and am grateful to be a part of it!”

I have worked for Bradford District and Craven Talking Therapies for over four years. I came to this role because I am a naturally caring and empathic person, I had some understanding of CBT and I like its common sense, practical approach to therapy. The role of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) at Bradford District and Craven Talking Therapies seemed like the perfect fit for me, as training was provided. I didn’t know when I started how much of a positive impact doing this job and working in this service would have on me, but it really has. I soon found that when you work in the NHS you are joining an army of people working for the betterment of others and it is like joining a big, supportive and warm family that you can rely on and be really proud of and I find that inspiring every day. Also, I have made friends for life through this service and that is a gift in its self.

Working for Bradford District and Craven Talking Therapies has opened up an amazing and interesting world of training and development opportunities and career development opportunities that I have never found anywhere else. The management approach to the service is very intuitive, they listen to their staff and keep very up to date with the requirements of clinical excellence, so there is regular training on refreshing and enhancing clinical skills and new areas of clinical and operational skills. In the service we are very joined up with other NHS services and services in the voluntary care sector, so that means we can make sure our clients are getting the very best range of support to get well and when you are in a role to help and support people not just immediately, but with their onward journey, that is important.

I am never bored in my role, as there is always something to do, and my caseload is busy. The content of a clinician’s case load can be emotionally heavy at times, and we have weekly supervision and fortnightly group clinical skills supervision. In between times we have a duty supervisor available, so we have access to clinical and emotional support at all times. This is supplemented by the work of our staff psychological support service, our staff led wellbeing development group and our peer support group.

An aspect of working in this service that I really prize is variety of work and projects I could get involved with, if I chose to. Alongside my clinical work I have worked on running the social media accounts, I have been involved in promoting the service to clients and at recruitment events, I have been part of LGBTQIA+ staff group and the BAME staff group, looking to improve inclusivity in our service and I am currently involved in developing our menopause workshop.

It’s safe to say I would recommend this service to others as a place to work if you care about people in your local community, you like to be busy and you are interested in developing your clinical skills and knowledge and most importantly if you want to be valued for your contribution.

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